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Femininity and Boundaries

This is going to come across as super random but follow along with me:

Femininity is one of the latest buzzwords. On every social media platform there are coaches or influencers speaking to various points on the spectrum, but usually extremes.

I remember trying so hard to be "feminine" and to "stay in my femininity," until I got frustrated because I let random people make me feel like I wasn't measuring up.

It took a conversation with my girl chat to help me realize that the social portrayal of femininity was boxing-in me, and others, experiences. (For context, I 100% believe that some women aren't as feminine as they desire to be due to trauma and their programming in childhood, but it's not a one-size-fits-all trait.)

Well, yesterday I took a feminine archetype quiz that a sweet FB queen recommended and I sent her the results.

To my surprise, she told me I must be doing something because I'm just shy of the "femininity threshold." Y'all...I have no idea what that means lol! (I lost my results explanation because I had a meeting). But she said my results proved whatever I'm doing is working.

When I assessed my life lately, I realized my shift in focus went from trying to fit a definition to: emotional discipline and integrity, listening intently to my body and (God-fueled) discernment, leaning into being more of my authentic self, and you guessed it,

B O U N D A R I E S.

By not being everyone's provider and protector, stating my needs and desires clearly, speaking to myself in kind and encouraging ways, and letting people serve me (even when I have the capability of serving myself), I've evolved in my femininity and didn't even know it.

The little we've been taught on boundaries has limited our thinking to using them to make sure everyone stays in line and doesn't hurt us....but what if it's about how we engage the world, and how it engages back? What if it stands to reshape the atmosphere of your body by giving safety to your mind?

If you've started to dive into your feminine journey or want to learn how to rest and trust more, it starts with the boundaries you set and communicate.

People cannot treat you like the queen (or king!) you are if you don't set the standard.

You can begin that work by enrolling in the BUILD BETTER BOUNDARIES MINI-COURSE today!

You'll get the replay, (gem-packed) workbook, bonuses, and the framework to life a life of confidence and freedom, all for $50 (for now, lol!).

Choose to put yourself first for once! Investing in something small, today will help you invest in yourself in big ways tomorrow.

Now, excuse me while I lose all sense of "act right" for the remainder of the week!

(P.S. If you care, my Archetype is apparently "The Empress." I couldn't think of anything more fitting!)

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