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I'm Vernique

Hey there!

I want to be on your team! Whether you're a corporation, an individual, or a couple, I want to be the co-captain that helps you knock your goals out of the park. Just put me in the game!

Need a dope therapist?

I primarily partner with high-achieving women of faith, who have concerns surrounding perfectionism, self-acceptance, feeling disconnected from their core self, and relational challenges work through mental and emotional barriers to heal, and be at peace with themselves. 

I create a safe-space where we acknowledge where you are, address the past, and provide practical tools that empower you to make daily progress.


I also offer pre-marital and marital counseling from a Christian perspective to help build, sustain, and maintain a healthy marriage despite communication challenges in a non-biased environment.


I use an eclectic approach that includes Narrative Therapy, CBT, and some somatic practices.

Need a fabulous consultant?

As an Employee Wellbeing Consultant I partner with your organization to make employee wellness a part of company culture. We do this though single initiatives, wellness fairs, workshop series, or helping you build a sustainable wellness model, including contracting services to make well-being a priority beyond our time together.


Book a consult so we can discuss your needs as we create a proposal that caters to your needs.

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Fun Facts


"On my mama, on my hood,
I look fly I look good"


Shop at Target and attend plays




A beachfront resort
in the Caribbean


years experience


speaking engagements


Happy Clients

Client Testimonials

Brianna, 1:1 Coaching Session

"My experience with Vernique was an answered prayer. I approached the session with an open mind and just wanting to talk a few things through, not knowing that I would be walking into a space where I could entirely vulnerable and open. Almost immediately the dots began to connect. Vernique is an attentive listener, calm and incredibly knowledgeable while still being empathetic and personable. I both laughed and cried in my session. Wise counsel indeed.

Kind Words

Let's work

Are you ready to retain staff by prioritizing wellbeing?

COVID turned an already exhausted workforce on it's head. With changes in technology and shifts in social consciousness, the landscape of work has changed. Employees are looking for more than a steady paycheck; they need peace of mind and leadership that cares about how they feel at work. From workshop series to concierge coaching and counseling sessions, and wellness-centered events. Let VECo be the wingwoman to your wellness needs. Let's se up a call, co-create a plan, and execute your long- and short-term needs. 

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