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Meet Vernique!



A lifestyle of healing & fostering ​healthy relationships creates a whole life.

CEO & Founder of Vernique Esther & Co. and Authentically Wed, Vernique is an Jersey born Atlanta bred therapist that specializes in Relational Trauma

When she's not in session with clients she is an Employee Wellbeing Consultant for organizations, and a nationally requested speaker.

Most notable for her groundbreaking framework Trauma Languages™️, Heal for Real LIVE! Conference, and Build Better Boundaries Bootcamp.

Vernique's work translates from individuals who desire to heal to executives and faith-centered spaces. She's mastered the art of making lofty concepts practical and applicable to any audience. 

Author of When Seasons Change: A Divorce Recovery Interactive Devotional, and creator of The Wholeness Academy which houses self-paced courses for all to engage, Vernique actively lives and shares the message of healing and wholeness wherever she's blessed to be heard.

You were  created for healthy connection.

Let's partner to make that a  reality for you, your relationship, or your business.

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Need a speaker or guest lecturer for your professional or faith-based event, coaching program, students, or conference? Check out my speaker sheet and complete the questionnaire to get started!

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Have a well-being initiative or program you need help rolling out? Need an Employee Wellness Contractor for long- or short-term projects? Let's discuss your needs and what's possible!




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