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Vernique Esther is licensed therapist and speaker who specializes in Relational Trauma and Healthy Relationships. She is Author of When Seasons Change: A Divorce Recovery Interactive Devotional and founder of Authentically Wed— a faith-based community for all relationship statuses.


Vernique believes the quality of your relationships determine the quality of your life, and uses her workshops, courses, and her conference, Heal for Real LIVE!, to help people become healed and whole individuals that can create healthy and fulfilling relationships. She especially enjoys partnering with High-achieving women of faith who have trouble managing their various responsibilities, causing anxiety in their lives. 


She also works as a Corporate Wellbeing Consultant assisting employees and leaders in making wellness part of their company culture"


Vernique Esther, LCSW, is a licensed clinical social worker, therapist, speaker, author and well-being champion. She works with individuals, couples, and corporations to help them identify how trauma keeps them from the lives, relationships, and peaceful professional advancement they desire. Vernique is the thought leader behind Trauma Languages™️ and seeks to make healing practical no matter what space she is in. Most importantly, she's #HellaChurchy, Proudly Millennial, and an avid Target shopper.

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