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Get to know #TheWholenessPlug - Vernique Esther!

In the Spring of 2018 Vernique Esther became face-to-face with a worst nightmare. She discovered her husband was having an affair (with a fellow church member) and within a matter of minutes her entire life changed forever. ...Nine months (and plenty more trauma) later and the divorce papers were signed and dated. How do people survive after experiencing life's greatest disappointments?

Well, most people usually take the approach of "moving on," but that ends up keep people stuck longer because they refuse to face reality.

Some choose to busy themselves under work, projects, children, or relationships, but that only creates a bigger mountain of pain to heal from.

After getting message after message in her inbox, Vernique realized there were so many women who'd experienced divorce, childhood trauma, and had major insecurities that held them back from living the life of wholeness they were created for.

She then began one-on-one coaching with women who wanted to put in the work to take back the life trauma attempted to steal from them.

Now she wants to show you that healing doesn't have to take years. You just need the right person to show you how.

Vernique has helped single moms, college students, young professionals, and empty-nesters of all kinds of backgrounds begin their healing journey.

Best of all, she's packaged the knowledge and wisdom from her clients into her Masterclass, 3 Practical Steps to Heal from Emotional Trauma, for FREE! Don't let trauma steal another moment for you. Register now so you can #HealforReal!

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