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Try Love One Last Time

You want love. That's why you clicked onto this page. However, as a high-achieving Christian woman who has seen the results of your hard work pay off in every other aspect of your life it's disappointing and down right confusing that the math don't be mathing when it comes to your love life.

They say love is a battlefield and you have the wounds to prove it after experiencing most of your relationships and situationships. 

Now you're considering giving up...but a tiny little flame in your heart is telling not to. Something is whispering to you that love is still worth it and you're worth love. But you're not sure how to hit the reset button and get to the love you desire and deserve.


Hey, I'm Vernique, a Licensed Social Worker, and Relational Trauma Therapist and Coach. I'm really good at helping you process your relationships so you can get out of your head (stop trauma from continuing to wreck havoc through overthinking and repeating the same cycles) and back into your heart (releasing you into the joys of engaging with men from a place of emotional stability, authenticity, and wholeness).

I'm not gonna ask if you're ready, because you wouldn't have gotten this far if you weren't.

So here's how I'm going to help YOU get to your end goal through this 5-week adventure I'm taking you on with other women just like you.

*skkkkkkkrrrttt* Vernique...what do you mean "other women"

Well, I'm a firm believer that healing happens in community. 

You can't isolate yourself into healing You need other people around you to encourage and sharpen you on this journey.

Also, group programs are HIGHLY effective due to the vertical and horizontal interactions that occur between me and you and me and your Cohort Sisters.

Lastly, I find it highly impossible to think you will develop healthy romantic relationships when you shudder at the thought of building platonic ones.

So yes...other women.

Now, the juicy details! The _______ Program is a going to revolutionize how you see and position yourself for love.

This isn't "wife school" or dating coaching. This is an opportunity to reshape your love life from a healthy and more productive lens.

Each week we will tackle an area through teaching and practical methods (aka HOMEWORK!) so you can actively heal your heart. Here's the full curriculum you'll be immersed in:

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